Animal Identification

Animal identification, data analysis and information management represent a rapidly evolving service areas in the livestock industry. This list provides contact information for some of the companies serving this growing industry segment.

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AgInfoLink: Information management company using electronic ID to track cattle across all production segments. Individual animal management through real-time chute-side decision support. 800-282-0570  Web site:

ALLFLEX USA: Livestock management systems incorporating the latest design technologies, materials and manufacturing processes. Products include the Allflex Global tag, electronic identification systems and custom laser-marked visual identification tags. 972-456-3686  Web site:

AVID I.D. Systems: Microchips engineered to provide a sophisticated yet economical method for permanent, positive and safe identification. 800-336-2843  Web site:

EZ-ID, LLC: Full line of electronic identification devices including RFID and barcode tags in partnership with Farnham Industries, boluses, implants and readers using AVID microchip technology. 970-351-7701

Farnam Companies Inc.: Manufacturers of a full line of Z-Tag identification eartags and other animal-health and pest-control products. 1-800-234-2269 Web site:

Global Animal Management Inc.: Provides information management tools based on livestock life cycle data with a goal to improve productivity, lower costs, reduce variability and increase profitability. 908-629-3423 Web site:

GlobalVetLink, LCL Provides eHealth certificates for animal health regulatory management using secure Internet application tools. 515-296-0860  Web site:

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc.: Producer of metal Tamperproof eartags, Kurl-Lock eartags and Ketchum/Reflex bar-coded tags with high-contrast numbers. 613-722-3451  Web site:

Optibrand: Secure Identity Preservation system includes hardware and software tools that use the retinal vascular pattern to identify animals, and includes a GPS system to record time, date and location with retinal images. 970-490-6022  Web site:

Osborne Industries: Pioneered the practical use of RFID for the past 15 years, worldwide. Its RFID-driven systems are in about a dozen countries from Europe to Asia. Introduced the use of RFID for pigs in North America and have distributed NEDAP and Agrident RFID for years.  785-346-2192.

Premier 1 Supplies, Ltd.: Supplier of a wide range of animal identification systems including laser-imprinted eartags, electronic identification, tatoos and spray/liquid markers. 319-653-7622  Web site: