A chronicle of the industry’s successful pseudorabies virus eradication from the U.S. domestic pig population is now available from the National Institute for Animal  Agriculture.

NIAA produced the DVD/video — “Mission Accomplished: The Successful Eradication of Pseudorabies Virus in the United States”-- — through a grant from USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

The state-federal-industry eradication effort, widely considered as a model for future disease-eradication programs, was initiated in 1989 when there were more than 10,000 PRV-infected swineherds nationally.  It was in 2002 that the zero-infected-herd level was first recorded in the United States.  Today, every state in the nation has a status of Stage V or PRV-free.

The chronicle features several individuals who played key roles in the program’s success.  Jim Leafstedt, a pork producer from South Dakota, appears throughout the video, which chronicles the program’s history, formation of the National PRV Control Board, program standards, funding and technical contributions. The DVD/video features many producers, veterinarians, state and federal animal-health officials.

It also highlights the state-federal-industry collaborative endeavor that was the eradication program’s hallmark. 

The roles of pork producers, swine veterinarians, researchers and diagnosticians, federal and state regulatory officials and other stakeholders who contributed to the program’s success also are outlined in the 15-minute program.

Copies are available in DVD or VHS format at no cost by contacting NIAA at (270) 782-9798 or niaa@animalagriculture.org