With case-ready products the trend of the future, those interested in the concept – whether you’re a producer, packer, processor or anyone else in the food system – consider attending the Case-Ready Tech conference. It is scheduled for Feb. 21-22 in conjunction with the fourth annual Western Science Conference in Las Vegas, Nev.

The two-day conference, sponsored by the American Meat Science Association in cooperation with the National Meat Association, features new information and technologies for further improving the quality and safety of case-ready meat products.

Conference highlights include presentations and discussions about packaging technologies; case-ready meats and consumer perception; shelf life and related HACCP plans. There also will be an update on irradiation applications in case-ready products. Manufacturers and suppliers also will be exhibiting within the trade show.

For registration information, contact AMSA at (217) 356-3182, or NMA at (510) 763-1533.