Two pork items are on the elite list of foods showing the largest sales increases. According to the National Pork Board, the 2001 Restaurants and Institutions Menu Census shows that the barbecued pork sandwich ranks fifth and pulled pork ranks 12th. The pulled pork sandwich, made from the underutilized shoulder cut, rose 59 percent from the survey two years ago.

If you do much casual dining, then you’ve probably seen more barbecued pork sandwiches and other pork entrees on menus. For those casual-dining restaurants planning to add a meat dish to their menus, pork tenderloin is the most likely option. And, pork chops are still faring well in the casual dining segment.

The survey also shows that ethnic cuisines usually represented are Mexican, Tex-Mex and Chinese. NPB targets pork checkoff funds toward Hispanic marketing efforts. The groups plan to do more advertising and promotion in that segment next year.