Agriculture employs many Hispanic workers, which means you may finally be able to put your high school Spanish to work. But if you haven’t had Spanish or need to brush up on it, there is help in the form of tapes, classes and DVDs.

One such tool is now available from the University of California’s Spanish Language Project.

The first lesson’s audio tracks are available on the Web and may be downloaded to your computer. You also can convert it as MP3 downloads, which can then be converted to a CD. These options will let you listen to it at your leisure via your CD player, in the tractor or other vehicles.

To access the Spanish-language files, go to

Conversely, an introductory set of lessons is available to assist Hispanics who want to learn English.

The first English lessons are available on the Web, and the same MP3-download and CD-conversion options are available. This makes it easy to share with others.

The downloads are free as a University of California public service.

To access the files, go to labor/english/.