Canadian and U.S. pork producers are similar, but different. The industries compete for the same export markets, yet in recent years they've work together as Canadians farrow pigs, and Americans finish them out.

Understanding differences and similarities between business "partners" is always wise. In this effort, Statistics Canada has identified the characteristics of Canadian pork producers and their operators that significantly influence financial success.

The observations have been calculated to represent 5,234 Canadian pork producers. The results show that techno-economic efficiency, the share of the operation's receipts generated by hog sales and its location-- Prairie Region has an edge-- are positively related to financial success.

On the other side of the coin, depending on the level, a business' debt ratio naturally has a negative influence on financial success. Further, the farm size appears to be proportional to operating income and negatively related to the profitability ratio.

The report provides an opportunity to get a glimpse at your competitor or partner, as the case may be. For a look at the full report, go to the Statistics Canada Web site. (PDF file)

Source: Statistics Canada