The American Humane Association has awarded the Seal of Approval for Humane Equipment to Big Dutchman’s CallMatic 2 electronic-sow-feeding system. The recognition is another important step in collaboration among pork producers, equipment manufacturers and animal welfarists.

AHA created America’s first third-party audit and animal-welfare certification program. Today, livestock producers with more than 60 million farm animals have been certified by AHA’s science-based farm-animal program, the group points out.

CallMatic 2 ESF systems are currently operating successfully on numerous farms in the United States, Canada and elsewhere in the world, providing sows with freedom of movement and individual, undisturbed feeding. At the same time, CallMatic provides farmers with a total management tool, and the production results are similar in a variety of operations, providing good sow performance.

 “The best proof of the system’s benefits and accomplishments is to hear our customers’ enthusiasm or to see it for yourself, standing amid a group of 120 placid sows interacting naturally,” says Hans Ulrich, sales director at Big Dutchman, USA.

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