As a farm owner/manager, it is your duty to convey the level of commitment you have to responsible animal care with every person who comes in contact with your animals. The See it? Stop it! initiative confirms the culture of care that you demand from each of these individuals, and helps you instill that same level of commitment in each person who comes in contact with your animals.

Participation in this initiative confirms the integrity of your farm’s philosophies on responsible animal care. It is neither an animal care program nor a certification program, but rather a directive that demands immediate action if an employee suspects or witnesses animal abuse, neglect, harm or mishandling.

As a See it? Stop it! initiative participant, you will:

  • Provide education and promote the importance of proper and responsible animal care,
  • Encourage and enable employees to immediately report any signs of animal abuse, neglect, harm or mishandling,
  • Provide accessible and reliable contacts that have immediate authority to address reports of animal care concerns,
  • Take swift action to correct all instances of inappropriate animal care, and
  • Ensure employees who raise concerns in good faith are not penalized.

To implement the See it? Stop it! initiative on your farm, click on the “materials” tab at These tools will help you empower your employees to speak up, and will help them understand how the initiative serves as an extension of every participating pork operation’s animal care goals and commitments.