“It’s estimated that a million professionals will retire from agriculture within the
next three years, and on the other end of the spectrum, we only have about half the graduates we need in agriculture for the entry-level jobs available.”

Eric Spell

President, AgCareers.com

    "The military has over 7,000 job positions across more than 100-plus functional areas and 81 percent of those have a direct civilian equivalent."

Lisa Rosser

Founder of "The Value of a Vetern"


“We have an increasingly diverse workforce and it’s useful to understand how individuals are different, but don’t assume that difference is driven by generation.”

Richard Kantor

Partner, AON Hewitt

“Determine talents needed in your organization for the long term and
develop your business plan based on long-term talent needs, not on
position replacement.”

Max (Marchelle) Gage

ATW Training and Consulting, Inc.


“Those of us working in agriculture need to show the tremendous diversity
within the industry and show young people how they can use their
talent, skills and passion in agriculture.
Creative teachers will help them make those connections.”

Scott Vernon
Cal Poly State University