Speakers at the International Food and Agriculture Marketing Association Meeting share their insights.

"There is a new competency that we all need more than ever before, and that's the ability to communicate, and talk much better about the what, how and why of agriculture."

Hugh Grant,
Chairman and CEO, Monsanto

"The path forward, really, is to make sure [students] have the competence level and technical knowledge along with an experiential outlet. It's not something new that we need to be inventing. It's a look back to the future."

Sonny Ramaswamy,
Director, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA

"Science is universal, but solutions are local. Here's an opportunity where the right science can make a huge improvement around the world."

Jim Borel,
Institution of Mechanical Engineers

"A unique opportunity exists to help newly developing countries 'leapfrog' the resource-hungry, unsustainable phase of industrialization; to help them avoid our failures and mistakes. Finance, politics, regulation, ethics, access and ownership are the key barriers to meeting these challenges."

Tim Fox,
Head of Energy and Environment Institution of Mechanical Engineers

"People feed the world. And as agribusiness leaders, it is our responsibility to develop future generations of talented individuals who are passionate about creating and implementing solutions that will ensure we can overcome the food security challenges in Africa and around the world."

Thad Simons,
CEO, Novus International, Inc. and President of IFAMA Board of Directors

"We have exciting activities going on [in Africa]. A few weeks ago, the maize crop was coming off and the soybeans were finishing up. We're growing the ability for them to feed themselves. It's absolutely critical that we engage the people there locally."

Eric Raby,
Vice President of Global Marketing & Commercial Development, AGCO