At the recent John Deere Product Introduction in Columbus, Ohio, the new 7R Series tractors were some of the headliners of the event.

Josh Castillo, the product manager of 7R tractors with John Deere, says the new machinery will have a 210- to 290-horsepower engine and will also meet the Final Tier 4 emissions requirements.

“These will replace the current production 7Rs right now out on the market,” says Castillo.

This is the first update that has been made to the 7R Series tractors since their introduction in 2011.

The new series of 7R tractors will feature a powershift option. The cab has received various enhancements, including a redesigned command arm with a 10-in. display monitor. The seat can also swivel a full 40-degrees to the right, allowing operators to have a better view of implements. Other options include the convenience of an in-cab refrigerator and a LED lighting package that provides 40 percent greater illumination compared to HID lights.

“Production will start on these tractors in January of 2014, so it will be early 2014 when they can be expected to hit the ground,” concludes Castillo.

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