JoAnn Alumbaugh
JoAnn Alumbaugh

Before coming to PorkNetwork, one of my responsibilities was to write copy on precision technology for an agricultural equipment company. I learned a great deal about the advances in precision farming and the vast array of tools available to crop producers to maximize their productivity. Precision agriculture allows them to apply the exact amount of inputs, exactly where they are needed. They can reduce fatigue and user error through automated steering. They can use yield maps and precision advancements to determine the nutrient needs and weed pressures on virtually every square inch of a field, and adjust their equipment accordingly.

Where does the pork industry stand in comparison to production agriculture? What about in comparison to the dairy or poultry industry?

While the pork industry has done a phenomenal job in production improvements, there is still room to grow and innovate. That is why our focus in the coming months will be on the Precision Pig of the Future. We’ll illustrate practices that are helping producers minimize variation, through facility improvements, nutrition, genetics, marketing and management.

I have been in this position for a year, and what an amazing year it has been. You have welcomed me and have supported the changes we’ve made to the PorkNetwork magazine and website. You’ve offered ideas and suggestions for improvement, and we’ve taken them to heart.

We are focusing on areas that will help you improve your profitability in the months and years to come. The innovations you’ve implemented in your operations and your continual quest for improvement help to drive our content and serve as a huge motivator for us to meet your expectations.