Editor’s Note: As former executive director of the National Swine Registry, Darrell Anderson is a long-time industry leader and spokesman. In David Letterman fashion, here is his “Top 10 List” for 2014. Some are meant to be “tongue in cheek,” while others are more serious (hopefully you can tell the difference).

#10 Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) will continue to haunt some operations, but hopefully, implementation of better biosecurity measures and new disease-control options will be developed.
#9 An acceptable and reasonable Farm Bill is drafted and passed, as both sides of the aisle work together, and agree that maintaining a strong agricultural economy is important in this country.

Corn prices continue to hover in the $5/bushel range or lower, allowing swine operations to perform in a positive manner, building back some equity that has been lost in recent years.

#7 Obama-care continues to unravel, providing more evidence that “big government” cannot and should not attempt to get involved in our daily lives.

Chinese, as well as other key foreign economies, continue to thrive, increasing demand for U.S. pork products and providing an even bigger opportunity for us to profit from export markets.

#5 The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) will realize that vegetables have “feelings” also, and the organization begins to target vegan consumers, backing away from their current goal of eliminating all of animal agriculture.
#4 Pork prices will operate in a profitable range for producers, as consumers continue to appreciate the value and quality found in the plethora of pork products available to them.
#3 Beef producers will enjoy profits in their business, as they attempt to rebuild the national cow herd base. This will create a strong supply and demand scenario that will bring record high prices in the meat-case. The pork industry will benefit from these high beef prices.
#2 Duck Dynasty will be fully reinstated on A&E, and the media and “politically correct” groups attempting to stifle our free speech will begin to understand that we aren’t going to lie down and let them run over our freedoms anymore!
#1 The pork industry continues to be an enjoyable and profitable enterprise, creating exciting career opportunities for young people with the passion and desire to dedicate their lives to supplying a great protein source for all consumers!