A new Internet resource for services on livestock and grain marketing analysis is now available. Visitors to the website www.agrivisor.com will have access to daily market updates and advice. It features an updated design, which incorporates many new features and makes previously existing features easier to find.

“Personnel at AgriVisor are excited about our new website, beause it provides timely information in an easy-to-access manner,” says Cory Winstead, AgriVisor risk-management specialist. “The site allows farmers and elevator personnel the opportunity to receive information that can help improve their profitability and reduce their risk.”

AgriVisor is a joint venture between Growmark and Illinois Farm Bureau. It also offers brokerage services, known as Crossover Solutions, as well as premium advisory services. AgriVisor services are provided through participating grain elevators. You can find more details at www.agrivisor.com/Home.aspx.