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Strengths and limitations of air filtration

Research in Minnesota sheds light on the effect of air filtration on PRRSV infections in swine-dense regions. Full story.

Mineral Management: Feed less and gain more at market

Research shows the benefits of organic minerals compared to inorganic sources. Full story.

Animal Activists: Keep Fairs Fair

The primary purpose of fairs is to showcase agriculture and educate fair visitors – instead, activists use them as a political platform. Full story.

Differences exist in fat digestibility

Oils in soybeans and corn have varying levels of availability and digestibility. Full story.

Create a coaching culture

Ask employees to complete a performance evaluation and they may groan or roll their eyes. Many performance appraisals are completed simply to tick another box on a manager’s “to do” list Full story.

Ten tips for better performance appraisals

The performance appraisal interview often receives a bad rap because the person conducting the meeting misses one or more of these steps, or the employee doesn’t know what to expect. Full story.

The vegetarian’s dilemma: trouble “walking the talk”

Lots of people who claim to be vegetarians or vegans use the term loosely. Full story.

What does YOUR workforce want?

Identifying the implementing the right rewards program for your employees can translate into big dividends for your business. Full story.

Best of the Blogs: September/October 2013

The following blogs and commentaries were featured as porkNetwork magazine's "Best of the Blogs" feature in the September/October 2013 issue. Full story.

Is antibiotic-free pork production possible?

All production phases need to be evaluated if such a change it to take place. Full story.


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