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June 2013
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Channel marketing strengthens relationships

Jarrod Sutton, the assistant vice president for channel marketing at the National Pork Board, discusses channel marketing and how it can benefit producers. Full story.

Editor's Insight: Collective Collaboration

Members of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) recently adopted a position that public schools should not allow extremist animal rights groups to present their views, which can erroneously be perceived as facts. Full story.

Best of the Blogs: June 2013

The following blogs and commentaries were featured as porkNetwork magazine's "Best of the Blogs" feature in the June 2013 issue. Full story.

Corn germ can be a viable option

Feeding corn germ to pigs does not affect growth performance. Full story.

The sow housing dilemma

Ethically, producers have multiple options; politically, it’s a different landscape. Full story.

Fear of being singled out

One of the worst things that can happen to a retail company is damage to its brand: They don’t want to be singled out in any way. Full story.

Connecting the dots on pork quality

Meat scientist and mommy blogger Janeal Yancey shares her thoughts on marbling. Full story.

5 things moms get wrong

Help your family, friends and neighbors know the facts before they buy. Full story.

The food fear factor

There is a mountain of information about food online, but there are no filters. What’s a modern urban mom to believe when it comes to the food she provides for her family? Full story.

Are you a good boss?

Put yourself in your employees’ shoes, and ask yourself that question. Full story.

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