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March 2013
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Five considerations for improved profitability

With tight profit margins, it’s more important than ever to look at the little things as well as the big things, says Jeff DeMint with the Bern-Sabetha Veterinary Clinic in Sabetha, Kansas. Full story.

Best of the Blogs: March/April 2013

"Best of the Blogs," recaps useful farming and pork production tips as well as timely announcements and insights available on the porkNetwork website. Full story.

One step closer to real-time management

Carlos Piñeiro, Managing Director of PigCHAMP Pro-Europa S.L., helps producers make better decisions by better analyzing and understand information. Full story.

Editor's Insight: We're listening

I’m very pleased to be the new editor of PorkNetwork and look forward to shepherding the magazine and website toward becoming even more integral components of your business. Full story.

Current supplies appear plentiful

One factor that apparently supported the hog and pork complex through late 2012 and early 2013 was a relatively tight supply of market-ready animals. Full story.

Strong prices, but higher expenses

Hog prices last year were the second highest of record after 2011. Yet, the typical producer lost over $12 per hog marketed. The reason, of course, was high feed cost. Full story.

Future of antimicrobials

Pork producers will likely see limitations on antibiotic use in the future, and subsequent action to violators. Full story.

Denmark’s “yellow card” system

Denmark can measure the impact of antibiotics use in pigs and report it annually, explains Jim McKean, Extension Swine Veterinarian at Iowa State University. Full story.

Weather’s influence on grain quality

Weather can have a significant impact on the grains used in swine diets, and hence, on the pigs consuming those grains, says Dr. Steve Ensley, veterinary toxicologist at the Iowa State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Full story.

Checkoff research pays off for producers

The National Pork Board recently reviewed the research projects funded by the Checkoff from 2005 to 2009, to determine the return on investment to producers. National Pork Board staff members contacted researchers who had worked on Checkoff-funded projects during these years. Full story.


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