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November 2012
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Take Aim at Enteric Disease

Performance losses associated with diarrhea are always worthy of concern, but add in today’s high feed costs and you have an extra incentive to keep the pig’s digestive tract healthy and functioning efficiently. Full story.

Are You Ready for PRRS Season?

It’s clear that the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus is a formidable opponent. For nearly three decades the virus has evolved, retreated, resurfaced and, some might say, outsmarted attempts to gain control over it. Full story.

Priorities for World Class Pork

Does 33.5 pigs per sow per year sound feasible? How about a 95 percent farrowing rate and a litter weaning average of 13 pigs? Full story.

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One Tough Year

Many people have a lucky number — seven is perhaps the most common one. Athletes are notorious at this; they wear the same color socks, won’t cut their hair, run through the same pre-game routine, listen to the same music — whatever works. Full story.

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Are Your Diets and Genetics in Synch?

The U.S. pork industry continues to experience steady genetic growth. Sows today are genetically able to produce more marketable pounds in a quicker time frame than ever before, but are U.S. sows meeting their full genetic potential? Research shows that some sows may not, due to shortages in nutrition. Full story.

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Drought Damage is not Yet Done

The drought has impacted the feed markets in several ways. Feed prices rose with the summer temperatures and only started to break down with the harvest. Full story.

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Corn Ethanol Doesn’t Bring Home the Bacon

Just like the 1897 report of Mark Twain’s death, stories of a bacon shortage in the year ahead are an exaggeration. What isn’t, however, is that consumers will likely pay more for pork next year because of projected lower hog supplies, a condition driven by this year’s severe drought and U.S. energy policy. Full story.

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Signals: November 2012

There’s an old saying: “The best cure for low prices is low prices.” Hog prices dropped dramatically from mid-June to mid-September before rebounding. In that time span, hog carcass prices fell from above $100 per hundredweight to below $65 per hundredweight. Full story.

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Tough Credit Decisions for the Year Ahead

With economists forecasting losses of $40 to $50 per hog marketed through year’s end, U.S. pork producers are anxiously awaiting a return to profitability. However, expectations are that producers will face losses into the second quarter of 2013. Full story.

USGC Releases Updated DDGS Handbook

To update customers on advances in research and end-users’ experience in feeding distillers’ dried grains with solubles, the U.S. Grains Council has released its third edition of A Guide to Distillers’ Dried Grains with Solubles. Full story.

Consider Advances to Boost Efficiency

“The U.S. pork industry is facing a predictable crunch, which happens when major drought collides with ever-increasing competitive demand for corn-for-fuel,” says Dennis DiPietre, Knowledge Ventures. Ethanol now reportedly exceeds all livestock corn use on an annual basis in the United States. Full story.

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PorkBridge Seminars Announce New Schedule

The PorkBridge educational series will begin its new distance-learning program series next month. The lineup features top industry educators and production experts and will consist of six informative programs beginning Dec. 6. Full story.

New Program Identifies 38 Mycotoxins

Little doubt remains that feed quality will be a challenge this year. This year’s volatile drought has forced livestock producers to think twice about the quality of their feedstuffs and be aware of the risk of mycotoxins. Full story.

New Methionine Website Launched

As volatility in feed ingredient prices ramps up, formulating diets to meet pigs’ amino acid requirements with a methionine source will help you optimize rations and feed mixes. Full story.


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