Who couldn't use help in the area of hiring employees? Here are four steps that Howard Hill, veterinarian and chief operating officer with Iowa Select Farms, says can help you hire and retain quality employees.

Step 1 Take actions to improve the efficiency of your human resources department. If that's you, then take note.

Step 2 Utilize em-ployees with pork production experience in the human resources department and/or the hiring process. These individuals have a better understanding of the skills and talents needed to work in the operation. Such persons are often very adept at sorting through applicants.

Step 3 Implement a program that requires those involved in the hiring process to observe a different farm, production stage and/or job each week. This should allow them to better match the skills and talents of an applicant with a particular unit or job.
Hill also advises giving job candidates a tour of the area where they may work. This allows the manager and other workers an opportunity to meet and evaluate the candidate's potential fit.

Step 4 Begin pre-employment physicals to determine whether the candidate can in fact meet the physical demands of the job.
Hill points out that these steps have reduced Iowa Select's employee turnover rate by 25 percent – to an all-time low. "The decrease in turnover has resulted in stabilizing the workforce," he says. It also has reduced the amount of time that managers and trainers have had to spend with new employees.