Take a tour of a pork processing plant with world renowned animal-handling expert, Temple Grandin, as your guide.

The American Meat Institute (AMI) has released a video with Grandin, a professor of animal science at Colorado State, as the narrator of a pork plant tour.

“I’m really pleased that the American Meat Institute has been working on putting these videos out because I think we need to show people what is being done in the industry when it is just done right in a typical, large plant,” says Grandin.

This new video is similar to the beef processing plant video tour that was released last year and is a part of AMI’s “Glass Walls Project.” The only major difference between the two videos is the pork video starts at the farm to show pigs being loaded onto a semi-trailer.

After the pigs have been unloaded at the processor, they are tattooed for identification and left in a holding pen for at least one hour prior to processing. At all times, pigs are handled calmly with the proper use of driving tools.

Viewers of the video can observe processes like stunning, bleeding, internal audits, scalding and singeing.

Once on the line, carcasses are split and cut-up into the various primal cuts. Grandin says, “It is sort of like a Detroit assembly line, except in reverse.”

In addition to humane animal handling methods, the video details the importance of bio-security, proper ventilation during transport and plant audits.

“I feel very strongly that we’ve got to treat animals right. We’ve got to do things right, that is just essential,” says Grandin.