Westphalen: Weaner breakevens still climbing

Looking at hog sales in August 2016 using August 2016, futures the weaner breakeven was $64.63, up $3.30 for the week. Feed costs were down $0.98 per head.


Ag industry not likely to repeat 1980s crisis

“Farmers have a lot of opportunities today to [lock in] fixed interest rates that they didn’t have in the ’80s, and Farmer Mac can offer long-term fixed rates at extremely competitive prices,” says agricultural banking expert Curt Covington. “So, I think that’s going to be one of the big differences. And you see farmers today looking at our fixed-rate program and saying, ‘You know what, I think it’s time to fix my interest rate.’ Farmer Mac provides a good opportunity for that.”


Farmers aren't exactly thrilled about Syngenta deal

Following news of ChemChina’s acquisition of Syngenta, a farmer panel joined Mike Adams on AgriTalk to discuss their initial reactions. They weren’t so much cautiously optimistic as they were just plain cautious.

“I don’t know that I know enough about it to definitely be suspicious, but my gut says to be suspicious when China is involved,” says Indiana farmer Don Lamb. “It’s also hard to tell what’s progress and what’s not progress when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. It makes me nervous – there’s many times it doesn’t work out for the end customer.”


When will corn get back to $4?

The last time corn traded above $4 per bu. was in October 2015. Farmers want to see a return to those prices (and higher), but when will enough factors align to push prices back up?


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