Timely manure incorporation should be top 'poo' priority

Many practices are important and necessary for properly managing manure. However, there is one practice that when not performed properly can cause substantial economic loss and can potentially lead to environmental issues; timely and adequate incorporation of all manure into the soil.


Japan to raise support for beef, pork farmers

Japan will expand handouts to beef and pork farmers by raising the percentage of losses covered by the government to 90 percent from 80 percent now, according to a draft of the policy outline for a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal on Tuesday.


Retail diesel prices drop

Throughout the United States retail diesel prices dropped an average of four cents this week to hit $2.45. The highest drop in the country was in the Midwest region, where prices fell five cents to hit $2.44. The lowest fall was one cent in the Rocky Mountain region. The highest prices are in the West Coast region at $2.65, while the lowest are in the Midwest at $2.44.


Alumbaugh: Grab it and run

On first glance, it’s easy to see how the public could be alarmed and jump to a worst-case scenario in response to the International Agency for Research on Cancer's report linking processed meat to cancer. To exacerbate the situation, hundreds of activist and environmental groups stand at the ready to exploit this information to their fullest advantage


Lighter Side: Cold water clean

A man went to visit his 90 year old uncle who lived on a very secluded farm in the Florida Panhandle. He had not seen his uncle in over 20 years, because the uncle only left the farm for groceries and doctor’s appointments, and never ventured far from his farm. The two men spent hours chatting the night away, and finally went to bed after midnight.


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