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Farm data in custom farming contracts

As custom harvesters make their way across the United States and Canada this summer, I keep wondering what happens to all that yield data these machines are collecting. I am sure much of the data is forwarded to the landowners and farmers so that they can make decisions for next year. I hope so. But do custom harvesters address this in their agreements?


Age of accountability

Now is the time for veterinarians to begin working with clients in preparation for changes mandated by the FDA’s new veterinary feed directive (VFD) rule. The new rule takes effect on Oct. 1, 2015, and will immediately apply to those drugs which already require a VFD. It will apply to the new VFD drugs when their new labels are phased in during December 2016.


Retail diesel prices continue to fall

Retail diesel prices continued to fall this week, seeing an average decrease in the US of five cents to hit $2.51. The 27-week average is now at $2.80.

The New England region saw the largest fall of seven cents to $2.67, bringing the 27-week average price to $3.05. Despite the large fall, the region does not have the lowest diesel prices-- the Gulf Coast currently holds that position at $2.38. The Rocky Mountain region saw the smallest drop of only three cents. 


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