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Environmental essentials: How to keep pigs comfortable through weaning

A pig’s environment can be a deciding factor in long-term productivity. By providing quality water, nutrition and air, weaned pigs have a greater potential to transition smoothly through weaning and reach the finish line.

Dan McManus, DVM, swine specialist for Purina Animal Nutrition, serves as a resource for nursery and wean-to-finish managers across the country. The first thing he does when visiting a farm is evaluate the environment.


Social Media: It doesn’t have to be work

We’ve all been to co-op meetings or industry events discussing social media strategy. Some presenters give you step-by-step instructions on setting up your Facebook page. Others speak in depth about search engine optimization and strategies to maximize your reach. They almost always tell you this only takes minutes per day, and more often than not they suggest you set goals and schedule your time. 

A challenge for agricultural growth

Farmers and ranchers in the state sold more than $10 billion worth of agricultural products in 2012, a 55 percent increase in just five years. More than 5 million acres were planted to corn in 2012, placing the state as the sixth largest corn acreage in the U.S. With a total of 4.7 and 2.2 million acres of soybean and wheat respectively, South Dakota ended in the top 10 states for both.


Westphalen: Weaner breakeven climbs above $40

Looking at hog sales in April 2016 using April 2016 futures, the weaner breakeven was $41.85, up $2.88 for the week. Feed costs were down $0.35 per head.


Hog Outlook: Pork imports up 11%

U.S. pork imports were up 11.4% in August and pork exports were up 6.5% compared to 12 months earlier. The increase in exports was largely due to increased shipments to Mexico. Canada supplied most of the increase in pork imports. Imports equaled 4.7% of August pork production while exports equaled 19.2% of production. During the first eight months of 2015, pork exports were down 3.1% and imports were up 12.2% compared to January-August 2014.


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