What meat-eaters may have suspected all along has been confirmed in a 2015 study by Australian researchers: vegetarians appear to be more prone to depression and other mental disorders. The study was highlighted in an article in Women’s Health.

It adds that vegetarians reported being less optimistic about the future than meat-eaters. They also were 18 percent more likely to report depression and 28 percent more likely to suffer panic attacks and anxiety.

A separate German study agrees, finding that vegetarians were 15 percent more prone to depressive conditions and twice as likely to suffer anxiety disorders.

An excerpt from the article says, “Without meat, we’d never have matured beyond the mental capacity of herbivores like gorillas.

“Today, stronger brains are still powered by…many of the nutrients commonly found in animal proteins. At the top of the list are B vitamins, which your noggin needs to pump out neurotransmitters such as glutamate; low levels of it have been linked to depression, anxiety, and OCD (sound familiar?). Similarly, meager levels of zinc and iron, two nutrients far more prevalent in meats than veggies, may manifest as moodiness – or worse.”

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