WH Group Limited, the world’s largest pork company, is pleased to announce that its all-new American-style packaged meat factory, which is located at Zhengzhou Shuanghui Industrial Park, Henan, has become operational. The factory was invested and built by WH Group’s subsidiary, Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development Co., Ltd., all related products will be using the trademark of its sister company in the U.S., Smithfield Foods.

Mr. Li Shuilong, President of the China Meat Association, and Mr. Philip A. Shull, Minister Counselor for Agricultural Affairs at U.S. Department of Agricultural, attended the celebration ceremony held recently.

After nearly two years of construction, installing equipment and trial-runs, Shuanghui Development announced that its American-style products factory located at Zhengzhou Shuanghui Industrial Park has entered production. With a total investment amount of RMB800 million, the project has introduced up to 176 sets of world-leading automated meat processing equipment from countries including the U.S., Germany, France and Switzerland.

It strictly adheres to the construction regulations for Chinese food enterprises, makes reference to the U.S. Department of Agriculture food safety standards in terms of design and implementation. In addition, it uses authentic U.S. raw materials and technologies to achieve the highest food safety and quality standards.

Under a registered license for using the Smithfield’s brand and trademark, all the product raw materials of the factory are imported from Smithfield Foods and the production technology and processes are monitored by a number of technology consultants from the U.S.

The factory mainly produces three major categories of products – American-style bacon, American-style ham and American-style sausages – and has a daily production capacity of 100 tonnes. In order to introduce fresh, authentic and genuine American-style packaged meat products to the Chinese market, all products are transported, stored and sold in the cold chain throughout.

The formal start of production at the American-style factory has given momentum to Shuanghui’s international development strategy. As a subsidiary of WH Group, the world’s largest pork company, Shuanghui Development has outlined an international and premium trend in the Chinese meat market through its excellent international resources and corporate strength, while meeting modern consumers’ rising demand for healthy, safe and trendy food, and continuing to enhance its position and image as a leading consumer brand.

Wan Long, Chairman of the Board of WH Group and CEO of Shuanghui Development, said, “The completion of the new factory allows us to directly provide high quality and genuine American-style low-temperature packaged meat products to the Chinese market. This project sets a milestone of synergy between our Chinese and U.S. corporations since WH Group’s acquisition of Smithfield Foods. Smithfield Foods is the world’s leading company across the industry in terms of food safety, product quality and brand reputation. Although Smithfield Foods and China’s Shuanghui have different cultural backgrounds, they share the same goal – to provide quality, healthy and safe meat products to consumers. The completion of Zhengzhou Shuanghui’s American-style factory enables us to introduce this authentic American brand with a heritage of 80 years into China, and to share the appealing American food culture with more consumers. We believe that the success of this project will boost the structural adjustment and transformation of China’s meat industry, leading to a new meat consumption trend in China.”