Smithfield Foods, the world’s leading pork producer, is once again raising the bar for fresh pork with its new, premium Signature Ground Pork.

As the price of ground beef has risen, consumers are searching for less expensive alternatives that don’t sacrifice flavor.

Smithfield Signature Ground Pork delivers on the value that consumers desire while also offering a rich darker red bloom color and delicious flavor, making it the perfect ground beef replacement for winter favorites such as meatloaf, chili, meatballs and spaghetti sauce. Plus, with Smithfield’s Signature Ground Pork 100% Money Back Guarantee, retailers and consumers can feel confident in the product they are merchandising and purchasing.

The new line of Ground Pork is made from quality-aged sows and a proprietary “Hot Bone Harvest Technique” that grinds and blends meat and ingredients only long enough to disperse ingredients without compromising meat texture or piece or particle definition. Smithfield Signature Ground Pork is also flash frozen to lock in flavor and freshness, providing a longlasting shelf life.

“With the increasing costs of ground beef, a growing number of consumers are looking for a budget friendly replacement without sacrificing flavor,” said Dennis Pittman, Smithfield Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs. “Smithfield Signature Ground Pork’s premium taste and texture make it the ideal ground beef substitute not only for comforting winter meals, but for delicious, hearty dishes any time of year.”

Smithfield’s new Signature Ground Pork also lends itself to play the hero role for global inspired recipes like enchiladas, egg rolls, dumplings, and stuffed peppers.

A great source of protein with 20 grams per serving, Smithfield Signature Ground Pork is available in the fresh section of meat departments at select supermarkets nationwide.

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