Anyone who follows Ree Drummond knows three basic principles about this Pioneer Woman:

  1. She lives on a ranch in Oklahoma with her husband – If you haven’t seen cattle or the sprawling pastures of her family’s ranch on her website, social media accounts, television shows or in one of her many books, you just haven’t been paying attention.
  2. Butter, cream and booze are key staples to her menu – Butter just makes everything better, or at least, Drummond sure thinks so! There’s a reason she became the spokeswoman for Land O’Lakes in 2011. Alcohol and heavy whipping cream are also among her favorite ingredients.
  3. People love her – In 2011, her website reached more than 2 million people and presently brings 20 million page views each month. This audience continues to grow since then with the addition of several new books, a cooking show and regular appearances on a variety of television talk shows.  

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon, or in the case of Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon, to understand the power of Drummond’s audience. By comparison, Oz’s shows reached just 1.8 million for the season that ended in May.

So, to help build his audience numbers, Oz ignored the first two principles of Drummond’s life and popularity to bring her on to his show twice in just a few months to feature her recipes.

Yes, you heard that right – the infamous Oz brought butter-loving Drummond to his show to cook.

Her first visit to his talk show was in late October, airing just days after Oz blasted the pork industry for using ractopamine.

Despite awkward hugs and banter, it was generally an uneventful, if not almost positive, segment, with Oz stressing her life on a working ranch.  Though they touched on her love for cheese, she mainly discussed her “healthier” comfort food recipes, including butternut squash mac and cheese and red wine pot roast. You can watch the segment here.

However, somewhere between Oct. 23 and Dec. 14, Oz forgot who exactly Drummond is and how she cooks.

On her latest visit, the experience become less of a lesson on cooking and more of a roast on Drummond and her choice of ingredients.

“This is a coronary waiting to happen,” he complained as he poured heavy whipping cream into a vodka sauce.

As she explained ways to expand the pasta dish to feed more, he exclaimed, “Spinach! Finally! It counteracts the cream!”

He continued the whine throughout her segment, commenting on her ingredient choices whether it was for a cherry cheesecake shooter (“Is that cream ... again?”) or cashew chicken (“Oh alcohol – how surprising. I’m looking for the butter still!”).

"The Dr. Oz Show" prevents videos from being embedded on other sites, so click here to watch Drummond’s Dec. 14 segment.  

Why did Oz bring Drummond on to his show if he was just going to pick apart her recipes, you ask? That was the question on everyone’s minds, even those fans who follow the show.

 As one of Oz’s fans commented on his Facebook page, “Dr. Oz, Please quit having Ree Drummond on your show. All you do is whine about the ingredients she cooks with! Oh no, she used cream cheese or vodka! Why don't you get Ellie Kruger if all you want is spinach or carrots? It's really irritating to watch you act like that. I understand you are a heart surgeon and have to see the grossness people do to themselves through diet, but enough already. Just find someone else.”

So now to Drummond and her public relations team we ask – can you go ahead and dump Oz already? Believe us when we say that it’s not you. It’s him. Even a group of doctors, standing 1,000 strong, asked for Oz to resign from his position at Columbia University for promoting products and making claims that aren’t supported by medical evidence.

We realize your platform isn’t agvocacy, but you need to stop supporting this guy.

He is obviously not interested in your recipes nor your experiences on the ranch. Don’t let him drag your audience into his world of pseudoscience and activism.