A massive fire at a sow farm in southern Minnesota that killed more than 12,000 sows and piglets in October 2014 has now been ruled accidental by state investigators.

According to the Associated Press, the State Fire Marshal Division recently announced last year's devastating blaze at Cougar Run sow farm near Truman, Minn., was caused accidentally by excessive heat from gas-fueled pressure washers. Investigators say heat generated from pressure washers operating for four hours ignited insulation in the building’s attic.  Read, “Cause of huge swine farm fire accidental.”

When the gigantic fire stuck in late-October, it took 10 responding fire crews from across the county and 400,000 gallons of water to get the fire under control. No employees were injured in the fire though the emotional toll of the tragedy proved overwhelming.

“They were more than just livestock to us,” Cougar Run employee Kaycee Gebhart told CBS Minnesota.  “A truck is replaceable, barns are replaceable, but these hogs are our livelihood, and we cared for them every day.”

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