It’s been a good run for pro-agriculture advertisements during the last few Super Bowls. Dodge Ram named 2013 the “Year of the Farmer” while Chevy’s 2014 ad humorously showed off the romantic side of cattle breeding.

Now history may once again repeat itself thanks to one high-flying pig.

The 30-second advertisement, created by fraternal twins Graham and Nelson Talbot, features a resourceful boy who will to do just about anything for Doritos. Click here or watch the video below to see the full advertisement.

The ad is among the 10 finalists vying for one of two spots to be aired during the Super Bowl, as well as a possible grand prize of $1 million and a dream job at Universal Pictures.

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For those with keen eyes - you are right.  This animal would likely never be found in a barn since he is actually a not-so-micro pig named Bernard. However, knowing the average consumer is at least three generations removed from the farm, will they even notice?