First it was House Agriculture Committee Chairman Colin Petersen (D-Minn), a few weeks ago declaring the Environmental Protection Agency “out of control” in its regulatory fervor and threatening to cut their funding in half. Last week, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Chief Environmental Counsel Tamara Thies spoke on behalf of cattle producers at a forum in Washington.

The forum focused on the impact of EPA regulations on job creation and economic expansion in America’s rural communities. Thies pulled no punches. “EPA is waging an unprecedented war to end animal agriculture production,” said Thies. “They exhibit reckless indifference to scientific fact and, instead, impose stringent regulations based on nothing more than its biased anti-animal agriculture agenda that will leave many cattle operations with no recourse but to shut down and eliminate jobs.”

As just one example, Thies referenced EPA’s draft policy assessment on particulate matter (dust) released in June. “Incredibly, they want us to control dust kicked up by tilling fields and harvesting crops, cattle movements, and pickups driving down dirt roads. For agriculture, the current standard is already very difficult and costly to meet – doubling the EPA standard would make it impossible.”

The forum, was hosted by U.S. Representatives Frank Lucas (R-Okla.), Sam Graves (R-Mo.), and Doc Hastings (R-Wash.), co-chairs of the Rural America Solutions Group.

Source: Doane’s Agriculture Report