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Morning Farm Report: Cattle prices mixed

Live cattle prices increased over the weekend, jumping 32 cents from $143.03 to $143.35. The increase brought the 27-day average price to $148.22. Feeder cattle prices did not fare so well, dropping 93 cents to $208.75, bringing the 27-day average price to $216.03.

Lean hog prices dropped 15 cents over the weekend to $77.53. The 27-day average price now rests at $76.97.

Corn prices dropped 20 cents from Friday to Monday to $3.73. Wheat prices saw no change.


Morning Farm Report: Live cattle prices see no change

Live cattle prices saw no change from Thursday to Friday, resting at $143.35. Feeder cattle prices dropped slightly by 10 cents to hit $109.68. The 27-day average price now rests at $216.52. Lean hog prices dropped 60 cents from $78.28 to $77.68 on Friday, bringing the 27-day average price to $76.99.

Both corn and wheat dropped 10 cents on Friday to rest at $3.93 and $5.12, respectively.


Natural gas prices flat or down slightly

The weather grew increasingly hot through this past Monday in most of the country and production trended down a bit, though prices seemed relatively unresponsive outside of the Northeast.


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