Each week the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (Global Agricultural Information Network, or GAIN) publishes a report on commodities around the world. This week, the focus was on pork and meat products in specific countries. Here’s a brief overview.

Pig slaughter is forecast to increase to 5.15 million in 2018, with pig meat production to reach 400,000 MT. Exports are forecast to remain at 40,000 MT in 2018, with imports also stable at 230,000 MT. Biosecurity provisions prevent U.S. imports of fresh, chilled and bone-in pork.      

Japanese beef and pork production is projected to remain flat in 2017 and 2018. Pork consumption follows a steady trend upward, with flat production leading to strong import demand. Import competition is expected to continue to intensify in the coming years. 

South Africa
Estimates suggest that South African pork imports will increase marginally by about 2.5% annually, reaching about 32,000 tons cwe (carcass weight equivalent) in 2017 and 33,000 tons cwe in 2018. The recovery of the local pork production from drought is expected to increase local pork production hence suppressing the growth of imports. South African pork exports are expected to stay constant at about 14,000 tons cwe in 2017 and 2018 as local pork demand is expected to grow due to an increase in the prices of beef and lamb.