Editor's note: The following article was featured in the May issue of PORK Network magazine.

AgCareers.com released the 2014 Agribusiness Job Report that showcases the depth of opportunities in the agricultural industry. The analysis of 2014 trends yields a positive outlook: Agriculture companies are looking to fill job openings with qualified talent, and candidates are increasingly considering opportunities in the ag industry.

Demonstrating the strength of the ag industry, the report found that the number of jobs posted on AgCareers.com increased by 15 percent in 2014, to nearly 65,000 North American jobs. The largest number of jobs was posted in the Midwest region of the United States, followed by the West and South.  

Employers can categorize their jobs in one of 25 different agricultural industry types identified by AgCareers.com, and an analysis highlights the variety of positions available.  Jobs posted ranged in industry type, such as input retail, cooperative and related crop services; equipment, manufacturing and technical; animal production (beef, poultry, swine, dairy); plant and soil science, etc. This wide variety of opportunities appeals to a large audience of candidates.  

Employers also categorize job listings by selecting one of 42 different career types.  Jobs represented a wide variety of career types, from sales/retail, to manufacturing, accounting, technician, agronomist, and many more.  The top four career types are found in many of the industry types in agriculture:  sales/retail, operator/general laborer, operations and manufacturing/production. 

Interest in agricultural industry careers is growing and candidates are increasing their exploration of opportunities.  Nearly 1.8 million visits were made to the AgCareers.com site and the company’s social media following experienced continued growth in 2014. In addition, more than 12,000 applications processed each month.

Lots of Candidates

AgCareers.com collects data on applicants’ education level, years of experience, current occupation and more. Seventy-two percent of North American applicants had a bachelor’s degree or higher. Applicant traffic comes from a wide range of majors and occupations, both inside and outside of the agricultural industry, but the majority of applicants had an ag-based degree (68 percent). Applicants also were asked for their current or most recent occupation. The majority of applicants were in ag occupations (60 percent).

The Agribusiness Job Report contains information based on an analysis of jobs posted and job seeker activity on AgCareers.com, in addition to insight from the employers using the service.  

Editor’s Note: AgCareers.com is a leading supplier of human resource services. Download a free copy of the full report by visiting www.AgCareers.com and clicking on Employers>Market Research.  A separate Canadian edition is also available. 

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