Sid Miller, Texas' newly elected Agriculture Commissioner, granted amnesty to cupcakes as his first official act in his new position. Other desserts made the list, too.

Miller's announcement stood to remind parents that the Texas Department of Agriculture no longer prohibits parents from bringing cupcakes and other desserts to their children's schools, Eva Hershaw reported for The Washington Post. The rules that once banned the sugar confections and other junk food from classrooms was repealed in July 2014. Miller was concerned that parents may not know the policy was no longer in place, and he wanted parents to know that he would stick by the repeal.

The former policy, which was more restrictive than federal guidelines, was put in place by former Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs. The policy banned foods with high levels of fats and sugars from public schools, and even prohibited parents from giving out such foods to children who were not their own.

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