We know bacon is good for the soul, but did you know it has medicinal benefits, too?

Jennifer Gunter, M.D., recently published three medical conditions that bacon, in particular, can be used to treat:

  1. Nosebleeds:  When used as a “nasal block,” bacon has been found to be an effective tool in treating severe nosebleeds. The high salt content of bacon may help induce swelling, which in turn causes blood vessels to constrict and reduce the flow of blood. It also helps with clotting.  Read, “Pigs to the rescue: How salt pork stops nose bleeds.”
  2. Furuncular myiasis: What do you do when you have furuncular myiasis, a parasitic infestation in the skin and soft tissue caused by the larvae of human botfly?  The answer: lure botfly larvae to the skin surface using bacon fat, where it can then be manually picked out with tweezers.  Click here for more.
  3. Scabies: There may be newer treatments for scabies, but none smells quite as good as using rendered bacon fat as a base for the active ingredients of sulfur and salicylic acid for topical treatment of scabies. As an added bonus, the bacon fat concoction was found to be 238 times less expensive than the cheapest over-the-counter treatment.

See, “3 ways to use bacon as medical treatment.”