This will be my second election to vote in, but the first with all new candidates. I feel this election has become more of a circus than a presidential election. The two front-runner candidates are making a mockery of the country along with the media and the other four candidates no one hears from. You could discuss this election until you are blue in the face. Ultimately, I would like it if someone were to say it’s all been a joke and gave us two new candidates, but that’s not likely.

The media has obviously had a major hand in what we hear and how we hear it. Can we just have the facts?

I had to do some research on this and go to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaign pages. I wanted to see where they stood on issues that would only effect the agricultural industry (more so the animal agriculture).

Hillary Clinton’s website had a huge list of issues, but as a politician who’s already tried to run for President she has the upper hand of knowing how to appeal to many more voter groups. Hillary Clinton has been endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Her main objectives on animal welfare are: protect wildlife in the U.S., combat international wildlife trafficking, protect pets and domesticated animals, protect farm animals from inhumane treatment, and protect horses.

She wants to protect wildlife by keeping public lands public and not auctioning them off to the highest bidder and wants to make resources available to farmers, ranchers and forest landowners who are taking steps to conserve wildlife, land, and water.

She also wants to protect farm animals from inhumane treatment by encouraging farms to raise animals humanely and work to eliminate the use of antibiotics in farm animals for non-therapeutic reasons.

Donald Trump’s website has a lengthy list of positions that he is ready to implement if he wins the Presidency. He has no positions on animal agriculture or agriculture in general. My guess is he would appoint someone with great experience and knowledge in that area to give him guidance. The Humane Society Legislative Fund stated that Trump as President would be a threat to animals everywhere.

I’m only stating this information so you can decide your own opinions on these issues that directly affect the animal agriculture industry.

With less than a month away, it is crunch time. No matter your stance or views, it’s our duty as Americans to get out there and vote.

Editor’s Note: Alison Zabel began writing a commentary for PORK Network when she was a student at Iowa State University. She is now employed in the pork industry. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Alison Zabel.