Pig breeding, slaughtering and feed production are set for development at Cedrob SA, a polish meat processor that focuses on poultry and pork processing. CEO Andrzej Gozdzikowski told a local business daily newspaper that the company planned to build two new feed mills and a slaughterhouse with a capacity for 3 million head annually. The company currently only has a capacity for 900,000.

The company will invest in pig breeding by establishing closer partnerships with 500 Polish farmers who will become the company’s supplier.

Over the next 10 years, Cedrob will invest 223.5 million euros, or $233.4 million, to establish new farmers.

The company is seeking to secure 67 million euros, or $70 million, from potential investors. Funding is also being sought out from the Polish Development Fund, a government-run investment fund designed to support innovative projects by Polish companies and foster job growth.

Global Meat News reported that Cedrob plans to consolidate its group by taking over 34% of the shares in its subsidiary, Gobarto SA. Cedrbo currently controls 66% of its shares.