Each generation worries about the ones that follow, it’s simply human nature. My parents – members of the “greatest generation” – had their doubts about me and other Baby Boomers, I’m sure, just as their predecessors were concerned about their children’s ability to grasp the torch being passed along.

Now, it’s our turn to worry about the Millennials, Gen Xers and beyond. We hear all kinds of negative descriptions but surprisingly, I’m not the least bit worried. I couldn’t be prouder of the young people I’ve interviewed, worked with or interacted with in some way, including my own children and their significant others.

I see open minds and an inquisitive nature with the ability to multi-task. Creativity and passion for their chosen endeavors is evident, and they’re not afraid to show their initiative and drive. 

Just as your forebears helped you get a start, don’t hesitate to share your expertise and experience with following generations. You never know when that one thing you say will make a powerful impression on a young person.

By the same respect, you can learn from those who follow. Kate Miller, who started her own import-export company; and Kyle Coble, who spearheads the Old Fashion Pork farm in Thorp, Wis. for New Fashion Pork, are two dynamic young people already making an impact on the industry. We featured Kyle in the July-August issue of PORK magazine, which you’ll have in your mailboxes soon.

We’re also pleased to introduce Kent Bang as a new contributor to PORK. For the past 20 years, Kent has been involved in financing of commercial swine operations in addition to pork processors. He presently serves as vice president swine team leader for AgStar Financial Services.  He writes the Financial Matters column, found in your July-August issue.

We hope you enjoy the new design and features within PORK magazine. What we’ve heard thus far has been gratifying, and we’ll continue to add new features based on what our readers tell us. If you haven’t shared your opinion yet, let us hear from you! Please drop me an email with your comments after you’ve had a chance to look through the latest issue: jalumbaugh@farmjournal.com