Members of Congress want to hear from their constituents more than anyone else, and when a message is well-defined, presented with reason, and articulated with passion in a unified manner, legislators are more compelled to listen.

That’s why the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) developed the Legislative Education Action Development Resource (LEADR) program. It packs a big punch in that lengthy name, which thankfully is known as the LEADR program.

“The goal of LEADR is to grow, maintain and enhance an effective grassroots network of trained industry volunteers who can be rapidly engaged to advance important issues and defend against unfavorable public policy at the state and national levels,” NPPC says.  

The organization says participants include a wide range of individuals including producers, contract growers, buyers, veterinarians and nutritionists, to name a few. Currently, nearly 1,200 people from across the U.S. have participated in the LEADR training. These people are called upon to communicate with elected officials on various topics through “call-to-action” alerts.

What’s Involved
According to NPPC, the LEADR training program is designed with grassroots participants in mind. It can be customized to fit each person’s timeline and experience level. Those involved in the program learn about NPPC and its role, and an explanation of legislative and regulatory processes.

“Additionally, LEADR participants learn how to effectively communicate their story with Congress, state legislators and key stakeholders,” NPPC says.

Jeremy Davis, NPPC’s director of grassroots and LEADR, facilitates the trainings on-site and serves as a resource to LEADR participants.

“To participate in an upcoming LEADR training, we encourage you to contact your state association to see when the next LEADR training is scheduled in your area,” Davis says.

For more information about training and the LEADR network, contact Davis at (515)864-7987 or go to