A rancher from central Nebraska has been removed from his position as chairman of the Humane Society of the United States’ Ag Advisory Group. Kevin Fulton told Nebraska Radio Network that he was removed by HSUS’ CEO, Wayne Pacelle.

Though HSUS is an outspoken advocate against animal agriculture, Fulton defends the group, saying the strong faction of vegan abolitionists are a minority within the organization. He went on to say that the most outspoken members hurt the organization’s goals by pushing a radical agenda.

Fulton called HSUS’ farm animal protection campaign promoting a “Future of Food and Farming” event that didn’t include any farmers or food producers as the last straw. The event included a radical vegan keynote speaker, whom Fulton said promoted bestiality.

Fulton is the seventh farmer to leave a HSUS advisory council in the last year.

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