Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDV) may be in a lull at the moment, but producers shouldn’t take that as a sign to loosen their biosecurity efforts.

Instead, now is the time to keep up these efforts to keep the virus at bay.

South Dakota State University Extension Swine Specialist Dr. Bob Thaler spoke with WNAX Radio 570 and warned producers to not get too comfortable.

“The PED virus does not tolerate hot and dry weather very well, and that’s what we’ve had in the summer time. In some ways it acts like PRRS,” Thaler said. “As we get to the end of October and November – the colder months – is when we start seeing an increase in cases.”

Thaler suggests taking “necessary precautions” to keep a handle on the virus, such as being cautions when applying manure after harvest. As he points, all it takes it one small misstep to led to an outbreak.

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