The Social Security Administration seems to think that "you can take it with you," when it comes to money after you die. In fact, some people are getting even more after they die than they did when they were alive! Iowa Senator Joni Ernst exposes government entities each month in her "Squeal Award."

new audit report released by the Office of the Inspector General at the Social Security Administration (SSA) found that the agency has issued approximately $171 million in incorrect payments as of 2015, according to Ernst.

So why exactly is this happening? The report states there are nearly 5 million people with more than one Social Security Number. Many of these individuals have two numbers as a result of being victims of identity theft or fraud, however, they should not receive Social Security benefits under both numbers.

Unfortunately, in more than 5,000 instances, the SSA issued payments to folks under both of their Social Security Numbers. To make matters worse, the Office of the Inspector General estimated the SSA issued approximately $115.4 million in incorrect payments to around 930 deceased beneficiaries.

If the SSA fails to fix these issues, the Office of Inspector General estimated that the SSA will continue to incorrectly issue approximately $21.2 million in payments over the next year!

"Due to the astonishing recklessness on display when it comes to taxpayer dollars, I hereby present this month’s Squeal Award to the Social Security Administration," Ernst said.