John Deere announces an alliance with Soucy Track to sell and distribute products through the John Deere dealer channel.    

 “This agreement will allow our dealers to provide a track configuration on all 1770NT and 1775NT planter models equipped with hydraulic drive or electric drive,” says Casey Dray, product manager, John Deere Planter Works. “In some field conditions, this will increase flotation and optimize planter performance when operating in more difficult conditions.”

“We are very pleased and enthusiastic about this alliance with John Deere,” says Yannick St-Sauveur, business development director at Soucy. “Our Soucy Track model S-TECH 012P is an effective and high-performance track system that enhances overall planter productivity in the field.”

The Soucy Track S-TECH 012P kits are compatible with Deere NT planters from 12 to 24 rows and can be installed in under three hours. If the operator wants to convert back to wheels, this can also be done quickly and efficiently.

“In wet field conditions, the Soucy Track configuration on planters can improve seeding performance,” says Dray. “The tracks help the planter maintain a uniform seeding depth, minimize compaction, and reduce pinch-row soil build-up. With Soucy Track products, we now offer our customers more options for optimizing planter performance.”  

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In business since 1967 and home to some 1,500 employees, the Soucy Group specializes in the design and fabrication of metal, rubber and plastic components for the industries of agricultural, recreational, industrial and defense vehicles. They are a well-known strategic partner in the original equipment market, notably for their technological innovations and high-quality products. Since 1978, they have been making rubber tracks and now accompany several large vehicle manufacturers in the design, development and fabrication of track solutions. The Soucy Group is comprised of 11 sites in Canada and Asia.