The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has pulled the plug on its ‘Your Vote Counts’ campaign in Missouri- an effort by the animal-rights group to amend the Missouri Constitution. The initiative would have made it harder for the state’s legislature to change future Missouri ballot initiatives.

“Over 77 percent of the funding for ‘Your Voice Counts’ came from HSUS,” said Dan Kleinsorge, operations manager for Missouri Farmers Care. The comments were made in an interview with Mike Adams, host of AgriTalk Radio.

Missouri Farmers Care is a coalition of Missouri agricultural groups, including the Missouri Pork Association, to promote the continued growth of Missouri agriculture and rural communities through coordinated communication and education.

In 2010, HSUS ran a campaign for the “Prop B” ballot initiative to change standards for dog-breeding operations and won in a narrow Missouri vote that split along rural and urban lines. A few months later, the Missouri Legislature rolled back some of Prop B’s measures. The alteration of ‘Prop B’ led to HSUS’s ‘Your Vote Counts’ initiative.

 “If (HSUS) had gotten it through… they could have come back into Missouri with any initiative or petition they wanted in the future,” Kleinsorge added. “With enough money and advertising, (HSUS) could have passed anything they wanted. It would have opened the door for any out-of-state special interest group.”

Kleinsorge admitted he was surprised at the abruptness of the HSUS termination of the ‘Your Vote Counts’ initiative. “(HSUS) realized that a lot of people in agriculture were going to unite against them and it wasn’t going to be as easy as it was in the past.”

Kleinsorge said it is important that agriculture unites when confronted by an HSUS initiative. “It shows that if you stand together and speak with one voice, you can beat HSUS. You don’t have to be afraid of them.”