2016 has been a year of change, development and growth in the pork industry. We strive to keep you up-to-date on all the latest pork news but now let's reflect on the last year.

Check out the top 51-75 stories from Pork Network of 2016! 

Pork Network 51-75

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51. Kansas State University research offers new hope for saving runt pigs

52. 12 farmers who are having a worse day than you

53. 10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Join 4-H or FFA

54. Swimming pigs steal spotlight on ‘The Bachelor’

55. Exciting times for the pork industry

56. One company’s resolute defense to activists

57. Trump or Clinton: Who is better for ag?

58. Pig virus with polio-like symptoms discovered

59. Veterinary Feed Directive: Prepare, practice, promote

60. Famed ‘Dirty Jobs’ hog farm moving out of Vegas

61. Packer-owned pigs in Nebraska?

62. 'Sometimes Mother Nature wins'

63. Ohio farm boy wins bronze in Rio

64. Will new slaughter capacity come soon enough?

65. Adventures at Iowa Pork Congress

66. Save the environment: Eat bacon

67. Have you met the legends of #RealPigFarming?

68. Hog Outlook: Seaboard Foods to buy portion of Christensen Farms

69. Will pork producers see another profitable year?

70. An optimistic 2016 pork industry outlook? Maybe

71. Minnesota pork producers asked to take an important step

72. How to be unpopular among pork producers: A guide for politicians

73. Oprah pushes Meatless Monday with Wayne Pacelle

74. The Maschhoffs: Pork industry must maintain high standards

75. Environmental Working Group stoops to new low