The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) wants to “inject common sense” into the recommended 2015 dietary guidelines, making it the latest group to push back against these recommendations. Last month, the advisory committee omitted lean meat from its recommended dietary pattern but supported moderate amounts of alcohol. See, “Dietary panel takes wrong approach, NPPC says.”

“As meat and poultry consumers, we recognize the diverse offerings in the meat and poultry case that include time-honored traditional formulations, low-sodium offerings, lean products, organic and natural,” the group wrote in their online campaign.  “We value the convenience and affordability of many processed meats.  In response to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s recent, anemic recommendations to eat lower amounts of red and processed meats we say, unequivocally and without hesitation, ‘Hands off my hot dog!’”

NAMI is petitioning USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell to reject the recommendations and “ensure that meat and poultry products of all kinds are neither taxed nor restricted in federal nutrition programs like the School Lunch Program.”

The petition hopes to reach 1,000 signatures. As of Monday, it had been signed by nearly 570 supporters.

Many of the supporters mentioned their reasons for signing, which included:

  • “Dietary guidelines should be based upon the body of nutrition science, not based upon pressure from deep pocketed constituents. Also, dietary guidelines need to stick to nutrition and not attempt to tackle issues unrelated to the mandate to USDA, such as the issue of environmental sustainability of meat versus other foods. Different issue for a different avenue - keep it out of the dietary guideline discussion.”
  • “This so-called “finding” against the meat industry is one sided and without merit in the eyes of this eighty year old who is very healthy after a lifetime of consuming good American meat of every type! “
  • “Sustainability is not relevant to a healthy diet, just political agendas of people who want to stop animal agriculture.”

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