The National Pork Producers Council President Howard Hill recently shared both good news and bad news for the pork industry. The good news is that Epidemic Diarrhea virus is mild compared to last year, thanks to the increased efforts of producers to keep the disease at bay. The bad news is that still more needs to be done, especially for those with finishing pigs.

“The prevalence has been relatively low this winter,” Hill told WNAX News Radio. “Compared to last year, I would classify it as minimal.”

Hill believes a lot of the credit for this improvement goes to producers, who have taken steps to secure their sow herds by increasing biosecurity measures both on the farm and off.

However, the news from Hill wasn’t all positive. He provided an update that PEDv has also been found in finisher pigs.  

He says, “We are getting some reports of finishers that are breaking post-first or -second cut, and we think that may be due to contamination back from the dock of the packing plant or wherever the first point of concentration is that the pigs are going to.”

Hills is encouraging producers with finishing loads to be diligent in washing, disinfecting and drying transport vehicles.

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