Kale chips, quinoa and rainbow bagels are so 2015, or at least according to a new report released last week by Google.

The search engine giant compiled top searches to “render a strong representation of the United States' population and gain insight into this population's behavior."

"With every query typed into a search bar, we are given a glimpse into user considerations or intentions," the report said.

The results were measured by volume monthly between January 2014 and January 2016 and analyzed for year-over-year growth, velocity and acceleration of searches.

Among the rising food stars of 2016, which include the likes of Bundt cakes (eat like its 1970) and Pho (pho-sure), are two proud pork products: uncured bacon and pork shoulder.

That’s not all the report found.

 Ranked by volume of searches, Google concluded more Americans are experimenting with pork dishes and searching for recipes using pork shoulder, Andouille sausage, bacon jam, smoked sausage, pig feet, prosciutto di parma, uncured bacon and loganiza.

Pork shoulder in particular is growing in seasonal popularity.

“While this traditional pork dish makes appearances during the summer months, searches for the dish peak in December,” the report concluded.

Consumers are not only wanting to know how to prepare pork shoulder but are also interested in learning about the cut of meat itself, how to utilize different flavor profiles and different styles of cooking methods. 

Google even found pork shoulder was more often a weekend dish with consumers 22% more likely to search for it on Saturdays and Sundays than the rest of the week.

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A 2015 Nielsen Perishables Group survey agreed with Google’s findings.

 Though consumers purchased less fresh meat overall last year, pork was still a beloved meat. More than 75% of U.S. households purchased pork. Click here to read more.