To take out the guess work out of deciding which apps might assist you in your farming operation, Case IH has rounded up four of the most farm-tested apps for your devices. Whether you grow corn in Iowa or raise cattle in South Dakota, these apps may save you time and money. Here's what Case IH suggests:

Harvest Loss Calculator

  • The basics: Harvest Loss Calculator helps estimate yield loss before and during harvest by recording the number of individual corn, sorghum, barley or oat seeds. Simply select your crop and input the number of seeds/kernels you count on the ground in a square foot.
  • Highlights: Skip the math — the app returns a harvest loss calculation in both bushels per acre and pounds per acre.


  • The basics: Easy-to-use, simple information about your farming operation — available right in the palm of your hand. With eFarmer, you can build an electronic map of fields to capture a history of growing crops, take notes as points of interest, keep a location of objects on your farm and record a customized diary of each field.
  • Highlights: Use the “Farm Journal” to map out fields, give them names and track product use such as pesticides and fertilizers. Plus, record planting and harvest schedules, keep a maintenance log of each crop and a history of crop rotation.

Growers Edge

  • The basics: We mentioned this app in a previous post, but it’s so simple we brought it back for more. Using Growers Edge, you can easily obtain local, personalized information critical to the success of your farming operation.
  • Highlights: Gone are the days of searching multiple websites and publications for market information. Find local cash bids, corn and soybean prices, market commentary, pinpointed weather, ag news and more all in one place.

Ag Weed ID

  • The basics: Outsmart the weeds with Ag Weed ID. Using this hand-held tool, you can identify weeds during scouting for six major row crops (corn, cotton, rice, sorghum, soybeans and wheat). The app’s database includes information and images for more than 75 of the most common weeds. Better yet, you can narrow your search by crop, season and location to quickly figure out pain points.
  • Highlights: Compare images in the field right next to your weed, or use the app’s camera integration feature to take and upload photos to identify at a better time. You can bookmark weeds to reference later, or share them with your weed scientist to get more information.

Looking for more? Visit the apps page on the CaseIH website to learn more about the My Shed mobile app, plus all the other apps we’ve helped create to hopefully make your life a little easier.